How to Enrol

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at St Francis Xavier Primary School. 

Enrolments for 2024 are limited.  

Enrolments for Kinder 2025 and beyond are open.​

Procedure for Online Applications

Click on the button below to begin your online enrolment application. You will need to enter and review the required details and complete and submit the form. If applying for enrolment for more than one student, when the form is completed, there will be an option available to submit another enrolment for each additional student. Please contact us directly if you experience any issues completing the online application for enrolment.

In order to complete the enrolment application, you will need the following documents:

  • A copy of the student’s:
    Birth Certificate
    Baptismal Certificate(if applicable)
    Last School report (if applicable)
    Latest NAPLAN results (if applicable)
    Immunisation History Statement
    VISA and Passport* (if not an Australian Citizen)
    Medical and Additional Needs Information (if applicable)

A student photograph (passport size or similar)
Current Family Court Orders (if applicable)
Your Medicare details

How to enrol online:

Step 1. Prepare your enrolment documents 

Step 2. Create an account and/or log in 

Step 3. Create or update your child’s profile and your profile

Step 4. Create an application for your school.

Completing an application is the first step in the enrolment process in a systemic Catholic School in the Diocese of Lismore. The information sought on this form is required by the school for its own purposes and to answer questions from various Government and Educational Authorities. By completing and submitting this application form, you agree to the collection and use of personal information by the school in processing your application.

Once completed, your application will then be processed by the school. We will then contact you regarding an interview. If accepted, you will be offered either a place or a position on a waiting list.

Catholic primary schools in the Diocese of Lismore use an order of priority for enrolments. See our Enrolment Policy and Fees for more information.