Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is concerned with the inherent dignity and pastoral care of every person. Wellbeing is the concern of each person involved in Catholic education, under the leadership of the school Principal, and is enacted through positive, reciprocal relationships between staff, students, parents and the parish. Pastoral care promotes and enhances spiritual, social, emotional, psychological, intellectual and physical wellbeing.

Pastoral Care Framework

Pastoral Care is central to education in the Diocese of Lismore, permeating all aspects of school life with the values and teachings embedded in the Catholic Worldview (which is found in Catholic Education in the Diocese of Lismore, Foundational Values for Catholic Identity and Mission). The Pastoral Care Framework, as depicted in the figure below, highlights this all-encompassing role of the Catholic Worldview and the central place of Pastoral Care in the educational context while locating the student at the heart of wellbeing efforts and learning activities in Catholic schools.


A critically important feature of this model is its interconnectedness and dynamic nature. The Catholic Worldview encompasses and influences Pastoral Care. In turn, Pastoral Care is inextricably linked with relationships and the mutual recognition of others, experienced most deeply through being cared for, respected and valued. Thus, the life-giving potential of the Catholic Worldview, and of authentic Pastoral Care enacted through relationships, permeates the systems, structures and everyday domains of practice in schools so as to ensure that the human dignity and wellbeing of every person is of paramount importance. With such influences and practices in place, the student who is at the heart of our endeavours is afforded every opportunity to experience and choose the fullness of life.

Enrichment programs at St Francis Xavier which enhance the Pastoral Care of students include:

  • Goal Setting for every staff and student
  • Three Tiers of Intervention
  • Talk About
  • Permeation of Religious Education across the curriculum
  • Personal Development and Health curriculum
  • Year 6 Leadership Program & Leadership Teams for all Yr 6 Students, e.g. Social Justice, Sport, I.T, Books & Arts, Environment Teams, Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)
  • Kinder/Year 6 Buddy Program
  • School Awards
  • Professional Counselling
  • School Chaplain/ Wellbeing team
  • Seasons for Growth
  • Personalised Plans (PP’s)
  • HPL Program for students requiring extension
  • Lunchtime Clubs 

National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSW)

As part of our involvement with the NSCSW program, we are able to provide a number of support programs to our students and their families. These include:

  • Seasons for Growth
  • Classroom Support and Assistance
  • Social Skills

If parents wish to have their child meet with the school chaplain, please contact the class teacher or the School Office. As always, if parents have a concern with the program, they should contact the Principal immediately.

Further information can be obtained from the National School Chaplaincy & Student Welfare Program website.

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