St Francis Xavier Primary School boasts an extraordinary array of facilities that truly elevate the educational experience. Nestled within its captivating campus are breathtakingly beautiful grounds that provide a serene and stimulating backdrop for learning. 

The school's commitment to fostering a love for nature is evident with the presence of a thoughtfully designed nature playground, encouraging students to engage with their imagination in the natural world during both learning and playtime. Our gardens foster environmental awareness, opportunities for reflection and hands-on learning. Adding a touch of rustic charm, the presence of a chicken coop creates unique opportunities for students to connect with the essence of sustenance and sustainability. The school provides a safe play space to take special care of its youngest learners, offering a dedicated early years playground tailored to their developmental needs.

There is plenty on offer for sports enthusiasts at our school. Our large oval is divided into three soccer fields, one for each stage, to enjoy friendly student-run games during play and sports time. Complementing the grounds further is a grassy space for students to run around freely, encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle for all. Additionally, there is a netball court with basketball hoops, concrete handball squares and an abundance of sports equipment for students to access. The Shelter also provides a sun-safe and wet-weather area for students to play.


The Casey Learning Centre is an impressive multipurpose space that houses the Library and also provides additional learning space that students, staff and parents utilise. The Library has a wide variety of rich texts on offer that promote and support a love of reading and curiosity in our students. Our classrooms are structured in a way that promotes flexible, agile learning spaces. This environment supports collaboration, ownership and student voice, with the main goal being to support individual success.

Students are offered a range of alternative activities to outside play during breaks, catering to a range of interests and strengths. Opportunities for structured play programs, quiet reading space, routine gardening days, and Lego and multimedia clubs are run as part of our weekly play spaces. 

A multifunctional hall takes centre stage, serving as a versatile space for various events—anything from engaging assemblies to captivating performances. Moreover, students can explore their musical talents in fully-equipped music rooms featuring instruments such as piano, drums and guitar. 

These outstanding facilities collectively create an enriching and vibrant environment, empowering students at St Francis Xavier to flourish academically, creatively, and personally.