Excursions and Camps



At St Francis Xavier Primary School, we recognise the value and impact of both school excursions and incursions. These experiences go beyond the classroom walls and provide unique opportunities for students to engage with the world around them.

Our excursions and incursions are thoughtfully planned to align with the units of work being undertaken in the classrooms. They are designed to complement and enhance the curriculum, enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts. By linking these experiences to students' current learning, we aim to deepen their understanding and foster a love for learning.

Excursions involve visits to places such as museums, art galleries, historical sites, science centres, or natural environments. These experiences allow students to explore, observe, and interact with new environments. Exposing students to artefacts, and experts in various fields. They provide hands-on learning opportunities, encourage critical thinking, and broaden students' horizons.

Incursions, on the other hand, bring experts and presenters into the school setting. These can include performances, workshops, guest speakers, or interactive demonstrations. Incursions provide students with access to specialised knowledge, unique skills, and engaging experiences that may not be readily available within the school premises.



Camps are an exciting and memorable part of our learning program, offering students the chance to engage in immersive learning experiences outside of their daily routines. Camps provide opportunities for team building, personal growth, and adventure. They encourage independence, resilience, and problem-solving skills as students participate in a range of outdoor activities, challenges, and team-building exercises.

Our school camps include:

Year 5: 3-day, 2 night camp at Bonville. This camp focuses on leadership and teamwork as students prepare to be the leaders of St Francis Xavier Primary School.

Year 6: 5-day, 4-night camp. This camp focuses on developing independence as they enter high school.