Sport plays a significant part in both the physical and social development of all students. At St Francis Xavier Primary School, there are many opportunities for students to develop the Fundamental Skills that help with a wide variety of sports and games. All students participate in weekly Physical Education lessons and Sports on Fridays. External specialists are regularly engaged by the school to deliver professional coaching and skill development during PE lessons. Opportunities for extracurricular sports are offered through various before-school and lunchtime clubs, including running, athletics, netball and soccer clubs.

In Term 4, students from Years 3 - 6 participate in Elective Sports, allowing choice of many engaging offsite activities, including surfing and gymnastics.

Sports Carnivals 

Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals are held annually for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Carnivals encourage sportsmanship and participation and also serve as a selection event for the school representative team.

Parents are always welcome to attend all carnivals, and helpers are always appreciated. Students are allocated a house colour on enrolment and are encouraged to wear a coloured, plain shirt to match their house colour and promote house spirit.

Representative Sport

Further opportunities are available to students for selection in representative teams within the Clarence Zone and Lismore Diocesan level before proceeding to Polding (State). Selection to represent Polding results in representation at the Primary School Sports Association (PSSA) State level. Representation opportunities available for students attending St Francis Xavier School are through the sports of swimming, cross country, athletics, summer sports and winter sports such as soccer, cricket and netball. 

The Diocese of Lismore Sport online site provides valuable information for students representing in Zone, Diocesan, Polding or NSW PSSA levels. Information includes a calendar, updated weather or venue changes and results.